Gambling On People Essay

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1) By “taking away the rule book”, Dave Swanson has given most of the control to his employers and has allowed his employers to take control of there own actions to produce the task needed. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Dave Swanson has thus given his employers the Social needs, Self esteem and Self actualisation that they require to be motivated to complete there task and has thus positively affected the motivation of his employers. This also gives the employer a sense of empowerment. Dave Swanson has however as he says made his plan as unstructured as possible meaning that his employees might start to do whatever they want thus wrongly motivating them.

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4) Motivation is taken to mean by companies as an enthusiastic pursuit of the objectives or tasks set out by the firm. As said in this article, productivity was boosted by 30% because of motivation. When employees are more happy in doing there job they will be more happy in completing the task not only to what is required but to there best ability meaning they could do the job much better then expected thus increasing productivity. As in Elton Mayo’s case, he was a high believer of team work and when his employees were happy due to being motivated they worked better in a team resulting in high productivity. As said in Maslow’s Hierarchy there a many forms of motivation all of which bring business implications such as when esteem needs are recognised employees feel recognised thus motivating them to do the job even better of self-actualisations making the employee feel like they have developed a new skill and want to meet new challengers. Or even physical needs such as extra pay, if these things were...

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