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Game Change revisited the presidential campaign trail and got the inside story on everything from what the candidates were thinking when the decided to run for office to their personal thoughts when the fateful election day came and passed. While the main topic of the book focused in on the major candidates and their running mates, I believe the most beneficial lesson to the company is the examination of the candidate’s campaign offices and the candidate’s leadership of the group. The book goes gives us a snapshot into the campaign headquarters and how they worked or did not work. The three main players (Obama, McCain and Hillary) all had very different approaches to how their campaign ...view middle of the document...

Moments such as this fractured in the armor of the unstoppable machine and eventually played a major role in Hilary’s failure to receive the nomination to run for President of the United States.

While Hilary’s campaign seemed fractured and going after different goals, McCain’s camp appeared to have no real direction and needed guidance. This is obvious in the beginning when McCain nearly ran out of money and had to withdrawal from the primaries. McCain’s resurgence after in the primaries only came after he embraced his life story including his history as a Prisoner of War and got the support of Lieberman to help rocket himself to victory in New Hampshire which pushed him back to the frontrunner status and out of the graveyard. This victory helped spark some enthusiasm back into the campaign but was still lacking a true plan. This approach to leadership stemmed from McCain himself and was very visible after winning the primary elections with their Vice President selection of then Governor Palin. All qualifications aside, they rushed into the decision without a “proper vetting” process because he made a spur of the moment decision and wanted it to be a shock and awe type appointment that no one saw coming. This fly be the seat of you pants decision style led to many surprises throughout Palin’s run as the Vice Presidential nominee on the ballot. This lack of planning could also be seen in his lack of preparation for debates and could be seen greatly in his impromptu meeting about the financial bail out. McCain and his Campaign’s approach partially...

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