Gang Violence In Philadelphia Essay

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The streets of Philadelphia are rapidly becoming a home to violent acts and random homicides. Innocent lives are taken every day due to the strong presence of gangs, and the streets are run by unruly groups of fearless young adults. Gang violence in Philadelphia is a major issue, and the citizens will never be safe until gang prevention occurs. Gang prevention is not a simple task, but with the right resources available, it is possible. Gang violence is a problem that will contribute to the collapse of Philadelphia, and it has yet to be solved throughout many generations. With gang violence on the rise, the best solution to gang violence is to educate the youth and parents about gangs and ...view middle of the document...

Although these programs are new and are not fully functioning yet, they have shown significant improvements in prevention and continue to research the topic to this day. The solution to gang violence has not been discovered yet, but there are many theories regarding the issue.

Possible Solutions
Throughout the years, many plausible solutions to gang violence have been presented. A commonly thought of solution to gang violence is to punish and arrest gang members. People want anyone who is in contact with gangs locked up, but that will only make gangs rebel more. By doing so, the streets would be rid of gangs, but jails would be overpopulated with them. It may seem like having gangs in jail would solve the problem, but gang leaders being in jail does not stop a gang from continuing what they’re doing. Arresting gang members teaches nothing except for children to hate the authorities. “From 1985 to 1994, the number of American youths arrested for murder increased 158%, to more than 2,200” (Teen Gangs and Crime, 1996). If a child resents the authorities, they would be more likely to join a gang that goes against authorities. Officials are aware that they cannot arrest their way out of gang violence, and they have to take positive measures (Parks & Recreation, 2009). The most important thing to remember is “To treat this not just as a law enforcement program, which it continues to be, but also a public health epidemic” (Scott, 2012). These criminals are flooding the streets, but these criminals are someone’s family. Little children may not understand why their big brother or father is being taken away from them, and they will forever resent law enforcement for taking their family away. If these children don’t know any better, arresting all gang members isn’t exactly pro-active. Jail makes people more violent, and the last thing that Philadelphia needs is even more violent gang members. Although arresting criminals is a good thing and a temporary solution, it is not the best solution to completely end gang violence.
Another commonly thought of solution is to keep children completely away from gang populated areas. This solution would include taking kids out of public schools and putting them in private schools, and attempting to keep their kid’s away from the world. Although this tends to be a common option for parents, they have to take into consideration that this solution creates a divide in society. Teens in the past have been drawn to rebellion and trouble, so the upcoming generations will not necessarily be any different (Teen Gangs and Crime, 2009).Their child may not be involved in a gang, but it makes gang members resent that part of society. They believe that these other students may feel like they are above them. Gangs are created because they want to oppose society or authority, and by creating a larger divide, it gives gangs a reason to continue to commit crime. Creating the divide will make these gangs thrive.
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