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Garden At Sainte Adresse Essay

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Susan McCormick
September 11, 2013
Garden at Sainte-Adresse, Claude Monet, 1867
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York

The art piece chosen to write about is Garden at Sainte- Adresse by Claude Monet paint on an oil canvas. The art piece measures 38 5/8 x 51 1/8 inches (98.1 x 129.9 cm). Claude Monet created this art piece in 1987. Monet chose to paint the garden that was at his Aunts seaside over looking Port of Le Havre. The people in the painting are believed to be Monet father, aunt and friends.
The art piece is a view overlooking the canal in the horizon with sails blowing in the wind, steam boats in a large number that is the horizon line with vapor coming from ...view middle of the document...

The grass and flowers are centered with the commons area. The bright red color used to bring focal point to the gladiolas. The blue, gray, violet and white brings value to the geraniums to bring all the flowers simultaneously. Different tones of green for the center of attention of the greenery and grass. The focal point of the garden area is the circle centered in the squared commons area surrounded by patio laced chairs. The sea wall has great element to the pattern work the showing detail of the lattice. The lattice showed diamond shaped detail to the pattern.
In the commons area the two couples exchange by the sea wall while the other couple is tranquil in the chairs. Both women are using white umbrellas keeping the wind out of their faces. The umbrellas show great detail with shading. The woman standing has a white dress with a pink ribbon around the dress with pink bows going around the bottom. The lady sitting had a white dress with a tan and light brown sweater draped over her shoulders. The gentleman standing is wearing brown suit with a white collared long sleeve shirt, a black top hat with a walking cane. The gentleman sitting in the chair is wearing gray pants with a white collared shirt, bow tie, a black sports coat and a hat trimmed with a black ribbon.
The sea partition has great component to the pattern work the showing detail of the lattice. The lattice showed diamond shaped detail to the pattern. The fencing has...

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