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Gates Of Fire Essay

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Throughout history, warriors and myths of legends have defined how a soldier should act in modern day. From Greek mythology’s Hercules to Alexander the Great’s conquest of the Middle East, men have been given prime examples of strength, heart, and a passion for defending their country. In the novel, Gates of Fire, author Steven Pressfield shows an unseen viewpoint of the Battle of Thermopylae. In this novel we see the Spartan army, unlike any other of its time, leading a prime example in strength in individual characters, heavy training and passion for their profession.

Gates of Fire delves into the life of a young boy from Astakios, a small port city in Greece. The story is told mainly from a first perspective of the ...view middle of the document...

Starting at the age of 9, Xeones tells the story of how he lost his city, Astakios, and searches with his cousin, Diomache, for a new city to call his own. The book progresses, but constantly jumps back and forth in ages as it will go 5 years into the future to when he was 14 and then 3 years back to when he was 12 to another 4 years forward and then back to when he was 9. But, no matter the age, Xeones was bent on getting to Lakedaemon, the legendary Sparta. He wanted to become a warrior or anything he could to call Sparta his city.

The novel written by Steven Pressfield was, indeed, an impressive one. As a lover of classical history, I was enthralled at the depth of which Pressfield incorporates the values of the Spartans and their reasoning for certain aspects which may have been viewed as barbaric. As well as being historically enthralling, the book is also very philosophically probing; a deep delving into the meaning of camaraderie and life. Despite the book being relatively confusing as the time jumps, it’s message and storyline were very enticing. It did take some background knowledge to piece some things together, so I recommend this book to many people, like me, interested in classical history. Gates of Fire also adds much of the dialogue into modern terms, using many swears and other gruesome and violent descriptions. It certainly isn’t for the super-lighthearted. However it was excellently written and can be thoroughly enjoyed. As well as telling a very admirable and enthralling story, the book will help you think about life and everything around you as well as quest

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