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Gathering Research Data Paper

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CJA 334
Gathering Research Data Paper

I am interested in gathering information and learning about officers and their jobs in the criminal justice field. Something specific that I am wondering about is, how many police officers are actually divorced or in the middle of one because of the career path that they have chosen. I have heard in the past, and read, that a higher percentage of divorced individuals were police officers. So, I am curious: do many police officers end up being divorced? And if so, are those divorces due to their particular career choice, or other reasons?
The type of interview structure that I would use would be open-ended, leaving anyone I were to ...view middle of the document...

Because of my particular goal and/or purpose of my research, that being finding out what is felt about and what sort of truth there is to the relationship between being a police officer and being divorced, my interview and data-gathering process would probably include some quantitative research such as, statistics or some other numerical data. However, I personally prefer qualitative research over quantitative. Quantitative research is more numerical, while qualitative research involves words and pictures. Qualitative research can also build a stronger comfort and bond between an interviewer and interviewee in the way that there is more room for the interviewer to offer room for additional comments or information from the person being interviewed, and there is also room for the interviewer to provide any follow-up to the interviewee. Qualitative research takes up much more time, which brings stronger meaning to the table. The questions and answers are more specific and can probably be more useful in...

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