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Gay Adoption Paper

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Sociology of Family

Gay Adoption: Race, Identity and Family
Millions of children in this country are eagerly waiting to be adopted by loving parent/parents who will care and provide for them. Studies have shown that the role of race and identity in transracial adoption with the added pressure of being raised by gay parents affects children who are part of it. Some believe that these children are receiving a home that many dream of and others believe that these children are being deprived of their heritage and identity. Should children’s heritage and identities be taking into consideration when they adopted? Studies have proven that adoptive parents should be accepting of their ...view middle of the document...

She reaches out to her parents to help her understand where she came from. Her mother receives the letter and writes back telling her about her background and apologizing to her, but Avery still yearns for more in her discovery of her black heritage.
For Avery, she wants to “grow into her own person.” She engulfs herself into her “black culture” by changing her style including her hair, her attitude and changing her surroundings, including her friends. Her need to find herself has led her to distant herself from her family. Her brother Rafi, also a product of adoption, on the other hand doesn’t take Avery’s approach in the idea of cross-racial identity crisis. Rafi embraces the upbringing his mother’s Tova and Travis has provided him despite him being Black and Puerto Rican. He takes advantage of the situation he was placed in and goes off to an Ivy League college to study to become a neurosurgeon. Avery on the other hand takes a different approach to “finding” herself. She starts to skip school, not come home and even decided to skip out on her parents wedding. Her approach in finding herself has led her in a downward pattern. But, she pulls through in the end because she remembers her upbringing and realizes that her identity was there all along. She ends up graduating high school, winning a medal in track and earning a scholarship. She realized that being a black girl raised by two Jewish women is a part of who she is and she doesn’t have to change to fit into what society wants her to be.

According to a POV article on PBS,”The adoption of black children by white families has long generated controversy in the United States, sparking criticism from both blacks and whites, as well as from adoption professionals. The national conference of the North American Council on Adoptable Children, the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) issued a formal statement opposing transracial adoption, citing concerns that such placements compromised children’s racial and cultural identities and amounted to a form of cultural genocide.” (POV) Many people believe that white parents who adopt minority children may cause their children to face challenges in developing a sense of identity in their culture and not really experience life outside of the one they know, which is white culture. This becomes challenging because blacks have always been stigmatized into their own culture that has been separated from everyone else. In sociology, symbolic interactionism shows that humans adapt to social settings through interacting and communication with others. Leslie Hollingworth stated that “the African American community consists of people and institutions similar in their African heritage and in their experience with racism and oppression.” (Hollingsworth 1999)
If we were to define racial identity we might describe it as one’s self-perception or a sense of belonging to a certain group and how one perceives one’s self and how they perceive themselves in...

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