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Gay Marriage In America Essay

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Marriage is not something meant to be temporary. Marriage is a very serious and special thing that is a rite of passage for all people in a country that is meant to be free. Gay people are expected to pay taxes, work jobs alongside straight people, and live a normal life, except they are not allowed to get married. Marriage is about love, and love is different for everyone. Marriage is something that will assure equality and rights – all people have according to our Constitution.
The constitution specifically says that the government cannot make laws based on religious factors, and the fact that gay couples cannot marry even though they love and have needs the same way straight couples do ...view middle of the document...

They are not even eligible for Medicaid or Medicare through the government. Most employers offer health insurance for workers families. Unmarried couples are left to struggle to be insured in case medical attention is needed – even simple checkups.
In marriage, if a spouse passes away, the other spouse has inheritance rights. If there is no will, spouses are automatically given rights to all of the deceased possessions – homes, money, everything literally. Regardless of whether a couple is together – unmarried – for a year or thirty, partners have no right to their possessions, unless there is a will present. So, in the case of an accident or unexpected death, their partner will have no right to any of their possessions, included a house or shared money that is necessary for living. Same sex couples are deprived of security, critical assistance, and obligations in cases of death and taxes. 2[Same sex couples should have the same inheritance rights because they need that assurance, too.]
3[Unmarried couples do not have any assistance during break ups – no help with child support, handling shared property and alimony.] Couples who are together for ten years, who have had children together are only allowed “divorce lawyers” if they are actually married. Children born into same sex couples or different sex couples whom are unmarried are just as prone to emotional struggles as children with married couples who divorce.
Couples who break up after being together for many years often share homes, money, cars and other materialistic things. Breaking up after many years of living together and sharing possessions is something that is not easy – it is just like a divorce, except there is nothing to legally split up. Couples will argue over who gets the kids, car, house, money, television – literally anything, only problem is they have no right to legal help during this process. 3[Same sex couples should have the right to the same legal advice as married couples to make splitting as easy as possible for everyone.]
4[Unmarried couples are not entitled to paid time off if a partner dies, they cannot file wrongful death claims, draw Social Security payments of their deceased partner, or automatically inherit shared homes, assets or personal items.] Partnership is something lifelong. Couples – married or not – should have the right to all of these things.
5[Unmarried couples have no right to joint parenting, adoption, or foster care.] Same sex couples want to have families just as different sex couples do. It is something that one dreams of growing up. Same sex couples are just as good – if not better – parents as different sex couples. In a case where children are abused by heterosexual couples, why could a same sex couple who...

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