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Gay Marriages Essay

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Part I: Throughout the contents of this paper, I will discuss the article dealing with the legalization of gay marriages in Massachusetts by Richard Cohen. I will begin my discussion by analyzing the article and providing a brief summary of the factual information presented in the text. In addition, I will present my opinion on the article along with corresponding information regarding this particular issue. In turn, I will present my personal beliefs on this topic and support them with other additional information to support my opinions. I will also present more details on the Massachusetts case that legalized gay marriages. This topic is important because this piece of legislation will ...view middle of the document...

     Gay and lesbian marriages may be the key component to rescue marriages from this social and economic relevance. Not only do homosexual couples seek marriage for the pecuniary reasons such as taxes and estate purposes, they also seek the bond of long term commitment based on love and romance. If people like Tom Delay would stop and look at the issue without such bigotry and fear, he might understand that these couples provide the best argument in their defense, love and commitment. Despite the fact that the lifestyle of homosexual might be looked upon as abnormal, they too want to practice the most traditionalistic form of love, a bond of marriage. They want commitment and love, something that most heterosexual couples don?t quite understand. The conservatives need to understand that the bond of marriage may be strengthened by the people that they fear the most, the homosexuals. Gay couples are not attacking nor mocking the institution of marriage like so many heterosexual couples are, they just want to be able to practice it.
     What then are people so afraid of if gay marriages are legalized? It is already evident that women don?t need men to protect or support them, or thanks to fertilization research and development, impregnate them either. Men, on the other hand, may still need women to bear children, but single men can adopt and sex is surely not scarce. Perhaps it is the fact that gay couples have scattered convention with their lifestyles and demolished our comfy and parochial notion of the predominant sexual categories of heterosexual male and heterosexual female and nothing else. Or maybe gays just cast a queer image on a straight institution? Some politicians, who have gay children themselves, may actually succumb to the knowledge and empathy and suggest that love and commitment are universal and should not be confined to a single category of sexual orientation. Gay marriages will in no way, shape, form or fashion weaken the institution of marriage. A ?normal? heterosexual marriage will not be any less of a marriage if homosexuals share the same bond. If gays can do it and perhaps do it better than heterosexuals, Tom Delay could do all a favor in public services, put an end to the band restricting gay marriages and just step aside.
Part III: In this next portion of my paper, I will discuss my opinion about the article. Since I believe that the legalization of gay marriages could salvage the institution of marriage, I will evaluate the increasing divorce rate and the declining marriage rate in America and I will present some compelling arguments on behalf of legalizing gay marriages. I will begin my discussion by presenting more details on the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision that lifted the band on gay marriages in Massachusetts. The Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) filed a lawsuit in behalf of seven gay and lesbian couples in the state of Massachusetts on...

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