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Gcse English Coursework Romeo And Juliet Part A Literature Explore The Roles Of Parents In "Romeo And Juliet"

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IntroductionWilliam Shakespeare is one of the greatest play writes of all time. A writer who dramatized such an incomparable range and variety of human kinds and experiences. Shakespeare was born in April 1564 in Stratford upon Avon. During his time he managed to write fifty plays and several poems. One of Shakespeare's greatest talents was that he was able to write characters that were further ahead of his time. The fifteenth century was a very male dominated century. Women had no rights at all and were totally controlled by men. For example in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was a mixture of a fifteenth century woman and a twenty first century woman. Before she secretly married ...view middle of the document...

The relationships between parents and children were very formal. This meant they would see their parents but never really spend what we call today "quality time" together, but would be treated like possessions. Today the formality between parent and child is nothing compared to that of the fifteenth century, the bond between parent and child today is that of a very open and intimate loving atmosphere, today children are much less afraid of speaking their minds and show negative emotions to our parents will also treat their children much more intimately. Today many if not all parents compromise with their children, that word did not exist to most fifteenth century parents, the children did as they were told.Romeo and Juliet did not only come from wealthy families but wealthy feuding families. This meant that they had to keep secrets from their parents,Juliet especially does not have a strong relationship with her parents in the play.As Juliet was a female in the fifteenth century she had no rights or say in her future whatsoever, and like many girls had an arranged marriage to unite feuding families or to bring an increase of wealth and status between families. This meant she was unable to tell her parents of Romeo in fear of what they would not only do to him but also do to her.Romeo and Juliet have no one in which they can share their feelings for one another. They needed someone who they could trust to give them advice as to what they should do with their restricting futures. At this point they look to the friar and the wet nurse for help. Though they both have limitations to give out their help as we see near the end of act three scene five where the nurse says "Marry I will, this is wisely done." This means that Juliet should forget about Romeo, her husband and marry Paris. The reason the wet nurse said this was not only for Juliet's sake but for her own. If this situation was revealed then not only would Juliet be punished but the wet nurse would be to blame for not being able to prevent these circumstances from occurring.Marriages were equally consensual and desired by both parties. Freedom of choice varied for each child in a family. Each child had a certain amount of freedom in choosing their partner, depending on their different role. The eldest son was under the greatest pressure since he inherited the bulk of the estate. His marriage was often critical to the family's survival because they depended on him for financial support. As a daughter's only real future lay in marriage, she had less freedom over her choice in a partner. Her family had to make sure she would be provided for.In the fifteenth century it was known that it was a mortal sin to attempt marriage when one is already married. If this was done your eternal soul would go to hell. Juliet being religious and unable to tell her parents of her secret marriage to Romeo was becoming desperate. The friar offered her a potion that would make it seem as if she were dead for long...

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