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Task 2
The client group that used my EYP were children 4 -7 year of age as it is an infant school. The school had a mixture of both male and females of different ethnic background, religion, educational need and ability. In the group I was allocated there were some children that had just turned 4 who therefore had a lower ability to the children that had just turned 5. There was a mixture of both boy and girls in all the classes. There was a range of different religions and ethnic backgrounds such as Muslim, Asian, Jewish etc. There were some children with disabilities and health issues that needed extra help with things but were treated the same as everyone else. There were very few ...view middle of the document...

Children need food to keep their blood sugars level so they can concentrate, this way they learn better. Eating little and often helps keep a child’s energy and concentration even. Too much sugar and a child may be hyperactive and find it hard to concentrate. Too little and they may feel irritated and find it hard to concentrate.
The school makes sure the children are in a workable environment by making sure that the school stays at a comfortable temperature so the children are not too cold or too warm as this can make them distracted and uncomfortable (this temperature is normally between 16 -20 Degrees Celsius). This supports their health and aids learning because they're not having to think about being too hot or too cold.
In order to keep the children safe and out of harm's way the staff complete risk assessments to make sure the classroom environment is safe. They also complete risk assessment forms for school trips, PE in the gym and outside games and also clubs etc. They also have staff training days where they inform staff on what action to take in an emergency like a fire or an accident between students etc.
The children have PE three times a week to increase their physical ability, health-related fitness and enjoyment of physical activity so that they can be physically active in later life. It also improves children's muscular strength, flexibility and body structure. It helps develop motor skills, which allows them to safely partake in physical activities. It provides a wide-range of developmental activities for all children. Physical education can be a major force in helping a child socialize with others successfully and provides opportunities to learn positive people skills. Being able to participate in dances, games and sports is an important part of peer culture. It gives children the opportunity to set and strive for personal, achievable goals.
The children at Chalkwell hall infant school spend time in the garden and during PE, break and lunch time. They improve gross motor skill when they practice running, jumping and climbing. They also have lots of different activities using their hand and this improves their fine motor skills. They have frequent writing, drawing and small activities such as peg games and activate throughout the day. The children have free flow at points during the day where they are allowed to play with toys and choose the activities they want. By giving them choice the school is helping them to become independent and so supporting their emotional development.
Intellectual needs
The children are stimulated to learn through a hands on approach which involves them being physically involved in activities. The children's interests are incorporated in their learning such are cartoon characters and popular children film characters. Teachers are encouraged to use creative visual aids and resources such as pictures, videos and songs.

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