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Select a GLOBAL Fortune 500 company (it cannot be one you work for) that operates in the United States and in other nations around the world. You will be using the same firm for the Unit 5 Assignment and the Unit 6 Final Project, so make sure it is one you are interested in and that has plenty of good sources of information available.
A.Summarize the firm’s history, its recent and current operating results, and the economic, social, and political forces that affect it most.
B.Present a brief SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
C.Discuss the factors it will need to predict, plan for, and adjust to in the future.

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Nevertheless, things recovered when on the 9th of May, 2005 GE’s CEO Jeffery Immelt proclaimed the company’s new ecological initiative called ‘Ecomagination’. As can be pragmatic, the acceptance of such an proposal was bold particularly given the large dimension of GE and it several businesses around the world; yet, the proposal was implemented from corner to corner the whole company and is at present in its sixth year of business.

From the data in the GE website we can have subsequent analysis of economic activities of General Electricals.
Current ratio means that company has current assets of 2.8 time’s current liabilities. But the difficulty with General Electric has for all time been administration of its current asset Gross Profit Margin of the company is 54 percent in average in recent years. Earning before interest and taxes for the company in the year 2012 was just 18 percent. Pretax profit margin for the corporation was even lesser than it was anticipated. There was a pre tax profit margin of 6.7 percent.. As we have pointed out in the financial summary part of this scheme that General Electric has a poor asset management and for the reason that of this there are a variety of problems that business has to face like assistance of the investor by investing in the corporation which is making share price of the GE low down.
As the result for the year 2013 is not available, the above analysis are done for 2012 and prior years. And as it can be seen from above, company has efficiently maintained a profit of 12 % in last three years.
Margin, Comparison to Industry
GE has a total current assets of 8.5 Billion $ and it has 56 Billion $ within the marketplace in terms of cash and other cash equivalents. Though corporation is having low effectiveness in the asset administration of the business, still the GE has a magnificent record in the organization of liquidity. However business is not having much cash in hand but the market value of the company is so fine that there are a lot of corporations or lenders who are prepared to lend their funds to the corporation. This is well revealed by the actuality that corporation is a Triple A Grade Company. Company has a debt equity Ratio of 6.7 which means that GE is borrowing up huge sum of funds from the market for the preferred operating activities. This is supported by the fact that we have portray that GE corporation has a very high-quality value in market.
| 2012 |
Power & Water | 28299 |
Oil & Gas | 15241 |
Energy Management | 7412 |
Aviation | 19994 |
Healthcare | 18290 |
Transportation | 5608 |
Home & Business solutions | 7967 |

Revenues segment wise

a) Political
As a international company, General Electric has to contract with political structure of diverse nations. Regardless of some of the nations...

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