Gender And Relationships Essay

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Chapter 3: Gender and Relationships
Specific outline

I. Introduction about chapter
In the old days, it was so simple: men hunted and women raised the kids. Then we moved out of caves, invented gender studies and learned a bit about genetics. Nowadays, everything has changed. They develope into many sides of society. And today, our group will talk about a small sides in a big problem. That is Gender and Relationships. That’s also our lesson.
In this chapter, my group will show about others side of Gender and relationships. It includes mainly in 2 sides. First, the big changes that have occurred in the family ...view middle of the document...

Idea 1: The ideas weren’t mentioned in paragraph. Not relate to contents in paragraph.=>Wrong ideas.
Idea 3: Only concentrate on a small part in paragraph. Not clearly.
3. Matching words to their definitions( p. 61)
1.c, 2.i, 3.e, 4.g, 5.n, 6.h, 7.b, 8.j, 9.k, 10.l, 11.f, 12.d, 13.a, 14.m.
Seeking more synonym words if you can(^^!)
Now we move to part 2: 70 brides for 7 foreigners. This reading selection is about Russian women who marry foreign men. Firstly, each group scanning this selection and find out the following information in the article on page 66.
I. Scanning for Facts
Each group has 10 minutes to complete the Activity 1.
1. 23( Line 4)
2. Yarsoslav the Wise( Line 6,7)
3. 100( Line 20)
4. 10( Line28)
5. 5( Line33)
6. United States, Germany, and Britain( Line 35, 36)
7. 1.200( Line 46)
II. Distinguishing Between General and Specific Statemens
1. Definition
A general statement describes or refers...

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