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Gender Bias In Everyday Life Essay

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In the modern United States, biases are found in almost every social institution. These discriminatory practices hurt everyone involved. One of the more evident of these is discrimination based on someone’s gender. Gender bias, also known as sexism, refers to a full range of attitudes, preferences, laws, taboos and behaviors that differentiate and discriminates against the members of either sex. These may be the position of male dominance and female subjugation in modern society. It may also be in the form of sexual stereotypes between men and women, which are commonly experienced or encountered in employment, especially on the positions they occupy and their earnings or income. A final ...view middle of the document...

It is not true; however, that all males have been winners in these historical struggles. While boys and men benefit to some extent from patriarchal relations, they are also damaged by the disciplining practices needed to reproduce misogynist relations. And men and women have different uses, such as a male lifting heavy weights and females singing at the upper register. (Goldberg, 10) Most men and women in every society realize this intuitively. Anthropologists have written at lengths about the areas in which women are unquestionably superior to men. It is through these abilities that the world's women have always fulfilled themselves, just as men have emphasized their singular abilities. (Crane-Seeber and Crane pg 218) While women are more commonly affected by eating disorders, more than a million of the opposite sex battles the illness every day ( Men are told to be muscular and strong, so as to support themselves and their families. Men are also told that feelings should not be shared, and to give in, is to become “womanly”.
While gender discrimination is illegal in most educational institutions, it still occurs. Discrimination can occur in subtle ways that are not easily identified. Some of the more noticeable ones, however, include differences in admission requirements, differences in educational programs and activities offered, and sexual harassment. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, prohibits discrimination based on gender in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. Examples of the types of discrimination that are covered under Title IX include sexual harassment, the failure to provide equal opportunity in athletics, and discrimination based on pregnancy ("Sex Discrimination: Overview of the Law"). Discrimination against women in education persists in career and technical education, math and science programs, and athletics, to name a few. Adding insult to injury, women of color often face double discrimination, on the basis of both sex and race or national origin, and disabled women and older women also face a double-edged sword. Women are not seen as strong enough to compete in a “manly” sport like football, and are underfunded and are not allowed the luxury of using new equipment or...

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