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This article is a small attempt to analyse the role of women in advertisements. Basically advertisements are more about us, than it has to speak about the product. According to Erving Goffman, “We don’t come out of the womb with gender identity imprinted in our genes, rather our environment sets a pattern of behaviour for us. It’s difficult to watch young boys playing with dolls or small girls indulging themselves in action picked games. Each sex whether male or female has been given definite cultural orientation.
Every male is represented as strong, intelligent, competitive, active, dominant and powerful. Whereas a female is represented as dependent, emotional, empathetic, ...view middle of the document...

Women don’t carry objects or rather lack control over them. During the launch of new branded cars these images are common, where women are reduced to decorative objects, gently and smilingly touching the cars in order to lure people to buy them. Unfortunately, we see these images as normal, natural and nothing abnormal. In contrast the masculine touch is more assertive, controlling and bold. Male hands are shown manipulating the environment, moulding it to their desire and where the grip on female partner is commanding and firm thus showing that masculinity is all about power and strength.
This sense of touch can be extended where models are shown touching gently their own body. Thereby showing that the body is delicate and a particular product is protecting them. Breathless images of women convey that the world is too much for them to handle as if they are insecure creatures asking for support. Again, in contrast if men are shown touching themselves these men don’t look real men rather competent models for a gay magazine.
Body postures carry deep significant meanings. Where women are shown lying down either on their backs or bellies making them completely defenceless from possible threats. It is a position talking of total submission and sexual availability. Pornography uses all these postures where the difference lies in the fact that in advertisements models are seen scantily dressed or covered whereas pornography has no relation to clothing. Be it men or women in lying...

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