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Gender Development To Modernization Essay

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Gender is a set of features that strongly distinguish between male and female.Therefore, brings out clearly the difference of masculinity or femininity.Sex on the other hand refers to the differences in chromosomes and hormonal profiles. It has quite designated the difference in anatomical makeup found in a person.Thus; sex will categorize one as either male or female while gender will determine ideas of what will make someone as female or male.
During agricultural revolution, several factors like better farming equipment, temperatures of high warmth were experienced. This led to increased production of farming and thus the society was influenced. ...view middle of the document...

They actually got better financial rewards in comparison to how they could be earning when working in domestic jobs.(Peiss,Prostitution and Working-class sexuality in the Early Twentieth Century,p.273)
During that period most states had not legalized abortion and had rules as to different contraceptive methods that women used. The rate of birth really dropped in the early periods of 20th century as more women started using birth control methods. In 1910,an activist Sanger, started a campaign that changed the laws that pertained to information and devices of birth control. She got herself arrested for such efforts when she started a clinic for birth controls in 1916.Lots of people came forward to offer an assistance and the beginning of reproductive rights.(Peiss,The Politics of Reproduction,p.308)
Gender ideologies of culture are what determine the responsibilities and how men and women should behave. They normally have an impact on issues of decision making and development in the society. Culture is normally interpreted as ‘custom’ and that very unchangeable cultures that are dominant sexually reinforce power in economic, political, and social class. This comes out strongly to reinforce power of the male persons in the society .Interventions by local organizations created by women are often denied as they see it as an interference by the western culture. Conceptualizing development refers to a concept of philosophy and refers to some kind of transformation(Shapley).Development has been theorized by many social theorists as well as debated .There is need to consider the aspect of social ,historical, economic and factors of political nature that tend to inform the phenomenon of development. Some scholars might argue it is all about change of social age which is desirable. This concept is usually very complex, and exclusive thus Garder (1999) argued that one ought to be vigilant at what is meant by progress and the person that defines it. Modernization is defined from the view of western culture which makes them spread spread to the rest of non-western societies and people’s minds tend to be dominated.
New trends have emerged in Europe, challenges of industrial world and urbanization. Development depends on the principles of change. It has also emerged from discourses that are Eurocentric like theories of modernization. Sociology and anthropology classes got weaved in superiority of races. Theories have come out strongly to civilizing other people. It is also a political question as it is looked as a process. Clark (1991), who is an orthodox economist defined development as economic growth achievement and thus improved standards of living. Development in its complex form has made skeptics like and has been argued that skepticism and development is a factor that generates equality and brings relation that is peaceful. Some scholars like Long, Chambers, Giddens have debated the need for theorizing development. Society is viewed as a whole...


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