Gender Differences Essay

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The difference between genders has been seen in different aspects of the human lifestyle for numerous years. The manner in which males and females are viewed in our society deals mainly with the appropriate gender roles that are applied to each. The way individuals see themselves and others of the same or opposite gender are determined by the norms of the gender their particular society has placed on them. Our society has governed the manner in which women and men are treated in the workforce and have decided what treatments are acceptable and frowned upon. The controversy on whether males and females should be receiving equal treatment when it comes to working conditions and wages has been ...view middle of the document...

While significance of work for health has attached an increasing amount of attention, the amount spent on male and that spent on female are not equivalent; “ women’s working lives and working environments have been researched to a lesser degree than men’s (Forssen and Carlstedt, 143).” In particular, the non-paid or low-paid work of women, such as full-time students working in the universities, part-time students taking a part time job supporting herself, and even mature students who go back to college “taking responsibility for housework and providing care on their family have not been regarded as important or even acknowledged (Davis, 28).” Much of these kind of work are “invisible, or are rendered invisible by general attitudes and perceptions (Forssen and Carlstedt, 143).” Moreover, even the effects of female college students’ paid work have been poorly researched. “Research findings are often based exclusively on the experiences of men (Forssen and Carlstedt, 143).” In today’s fast-paced modern economy, while female students are taking more and more active roles in the work force, their responsibility for other people’s well-being, and with little sway over their working conditions, young female college graduates often had difficulty looking after their own well-being. Thus the findings and improvements in their working conditions are becoming a increasingly relevent and important issue. In this section, I intend to fill this gap by finding out how female college students respond to their past and current working conditions, the reasons behind the relatively inferior working conditions of female workers to that of male workers, and what are the possible strategies to equalize the gap.

My method to find out how female college students respond to their past and current working conditions is to conduct interviews with 30 female college students with various backgrounds from two public universities in the US: Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) and Kean University (Union, NJ). I intend to divide them into three groups: full time students, part time students and mature students. Due to time and the interviewees’ willingness constrain, I could interview only a limited number of students. Statistically and scientifically speaking, the randomly and independently chosen sample with size of 30 from a population is the minimum acceptable level to be considered “large” (Ross). Demographically speaking, Rutgers’s female students generally represent a higher level of education and working level than those from Kean University. Therefore, based on these two reason, I believe my...

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