Gender Identity Paper

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Gender Identity Paper
Johnny Williams
April 9, 2012
Melynda Marchi

Gender Identity Paper
The nature versus nurture debate has got be one of the oldest debates in psychology. This debate compares the genetic inheritance to environmental factor and how they relate to human development. This paper will inform the interaction between hormones and behavior and how these interactions affect the determination of gender identity. This paper will also converse the current arguments about sexual identity, and how evidence from biopsychology may help resolve the argument.

Philosophers Plato and Descartes suggest some things are inborn, and the environment cannot change ...view middle of the document...

The most debated issue pertaining to the nature theory is the existence of a, "Gay gene”," pointing to a genetic component to sexual orientation. In having a discussion on sexual orientation, much is unknown; according to Charles Darwin, "---human beings do not even in the least know the final cause of sexuality. The whole subject is hidden in darkness." No one is saying genetics tendencies do not exist but there are supporters of the nurture theory that believe that those tendencies in actual fact do not matter. Those supporters believe that the way we behave originate from our environment in which involves our upbringing.

A large amount of psychoanalytic theories conversely pressure the responsibility of parental and family dynamics, not the public. Behaviorists consider that a number of sexual and gender identification differences consequence from roles imposed by family and friends upon children, such as the masculine and the feminine stereotypes. Tribulations with this are there is no verification, social or biological; to hold up that homosexual children were raised differently from where the heterosexual children. Also with corroboration of gender identification norms, one would be led to assume reasonably that the stereotype reinforcement would make certain of a heterosexual outcome.

Studies on infant and child temperament have revealed the most crucial evidence for nurture theories. American psychologist John Watson, best known for his controversial experiment call The Little Albert Experiment demonstrated that a human can acquire a phobia by classical conditioning. Harvard psychologist B. F. Skinner's early experiments produced pigeons that could dance, do figure eights, and play tennis. Today known as the father of behavioral science, he eventually went on to prove that human behavior conditions in much the same way as animals. A study in New Scientist suggests that sense of humor is a learned trait, influenced by family and cultural environment and not genetically determined.

More women than men tend to be involved in different things like languages, and humanities. Men on the other hand get more involved in studies such as the sciences, and computer science. A lot of scientists believe that this is truly a big part of their makeup biologically. There have been cases of people that claim to be genetically pre-disposed to committing crimes, and to further support that theory studying family history of some criminals might lead one to believe this. A father that commits a crime and goes to jail means his children are almost 50-60% more likely to go to jail also.

A father has the genes of a criminal, and he passed them on to his children. Many would disagree with these theories and go on to say that the children probably grow up in a lower social class, are the reasons for these figures.

Nature and nurture does not begin and end with birth. We gain...

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