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Gender Inequality Essay

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The People’s Republic of China is emerging as a world leader and independent nation, improving the equality, health and economic prosperity of all Chinese citizens. One contentious issue that still faces China is gender inequality. Despite governmental administrative and legal reforms, the inequality between men and women is still widespread on a social, economic, cultural and political level. This issue holds significance and importance for not only women, but for every member of Chinese society as gender equality will bring social, economic and political benefits.

In Chinese society, the traditional role of the woman a housekeeper and mother, is still common. Confucian scholars such as ...view middle of the document...

In the years before Mao gained power, women were prohibited from official positions of power. Today, women account for 45% of the workforce. However, women enter the workforce facing sexual discrimination, forced contracts and low salaries, according to research released by the Centre for Women’s law and legal services. The survey of 3000 women revealed one in four female job seekers are denied employment because of their gender. This clearly illustrates how gender inequality is still common within the workforce, affecting the economic independence of women.

Two clear illustrations of gender inequality within China are female infanticide and human trafficking. Despite the government’s pursue to stop these illegal activities occurring, statistics reveal they are still prevalent issues. Female infanticide has existed before the foundation of The Peoples Republic of China, due to the preference for male babies and low value associated with the birth of females. The number of missing women has seen a sharp upward trend in the 1980s, linked to the “one child policy” introduced in 1979 to stop spiraling population growth. The WHO issued a report claiming “more than 50 million women were estimated to be missing in China because...

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