Gender Roles Essay

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David Kiepert
Gender and Society
Chapter 2: Writing Assignment

Answer the following questions in 1-2 pages

1. Have any of the following changed between your parents’ generation and yours? If so why and how, if not why not? (Provide detailed examples): a. sexual scripts, premarital sex/non-marital sex, extramarital sex, and the double standard

The sexual script of my parent’s generation and the generations of today are quite similar. Our parents were able to discuss sex openly. It was readily introduced in the media, as my parents were those of the late 60s and early 70s. Sexual promiscuity was commonplace and the concept of free love was encouraged. Women of ...view middle of the document...

The difference between the generations before our parents and ours were that there was less shame attached to women who began to own her sexuality and sought it out more for pleasure than propagation. One of the biggest differences between our parent’s generation and those that came before and ours today is the introduction of multiple realms of social media. It’s not only sexuality viewed from the distant by-standard, it is proudly proclaimed in video forums like YouTube and Facebook, it is shared via social script media on twitter and proclaimed proudly on network and cable television. Our generation is the first of it’s kind to sexualize women younger and younger and the idea of slut is now worn proudly and without the stigma and the scarlet A of generations before. Though the double standard still exists, women, more and more, are owning the stigma and wearing it like a badge of honor.

2. Explain the prevalence of male aggression and the maternal instinct

The prevalence of male aggression has progressed much further today than in previous generations before. As women begin to...

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