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Gender Roles In Teaching Essay

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Gender Roles in Teaching

Liberal Studies 3000 Section 2
November 30, 2011

Abstract: This research paper covers the history of teachers in the classroom based on the factor of gender. The paper then discusses the effect that gender roles have on students, teachers and classrooms.

Gender Roles in Teaching

Try to think back to childhood, and ask the question how many male teachers did I have? The response to this is predominately low according to the National Education Association, who state that males only make up twenty-five percent of teachers today. It’s important for children to have teachers who are positive role models. ...view middle of the document...

In some cases, men who teach early childhood are considered to be either homosexual or possibly child molesters. This bias of

stereotyping males is very damaging and has lasting effects. It is important for children to see men as caring and gentle, and that nurturing is not monopolization by the female gender. Women are the gender that become impregnated and are pre-disposed to nurturing, but men are equipped to impregnate and are saved from the cost of the birthing process. (Brain) Many men decide to choose other careers that can better afford to provide for their families than a teaching job would. This is true in the case of elementary teachers who generally earn less than their counterparts in higher grades. The NEA studies have shown that middle school and high school teachers earn ten percent more salary than elementary teachers. The men, who do decide to teach at the elementary level despite the pay, often try to move into administration. When it comes to the issue of low status, many men even see teaching as a non-male role also. In a world that is dominated by men to work physical jobs, such as: police officers, fire fighters, construction workers, becoming a teacher is not even an option for many men, this according to the U.S. Census bureau. This only adds to the perception that teaching is a predominately female profession. However, one example in U.S. history provides a counterbalance to this. During the earlier decades of the last century male teachers were very prevalent in the schools. Males were often the majority in most schools and also held most of the administration jobs as well. According to the National Archives at Atlanta, it wasn’t until the Second World War that women took on a larger role in teaching. This was due to necessity, as most men were drafted into service. Women therefore stepped up and filled the positions, and became the face of teaching in America. That wonderful support of the nation’s young ones has continued ever

since and left men to look for other work. Most men came back from war jaded and affected by the impacts of war. So, the natural progression from male to female teachers was experienced.
In the modern world we live in today, it is imperative to realize equality of both genders and not limit ourselves in any form especially in the classrooms of our schools. When translated to the classroom, male teachers contribute intangibles and many quality skills. By providing a different perspective in the classroom, including but not limited to, having a higher tolerance for noise, active play and movement, and a vocal atmosphere. states “It is now well- recognized that the architecture of male and female brains is different. Research also shows that the sensory perceptions of males and females differ, in that women can see colours and textures which men cannot see. Similarly women are thought to have more acute sense of hearing and smell. As the senses are the gateways or the...

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