Gender Roles Vs Conformity Essay

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Gender Roles vs. Conformity
Ralph Emerson once said in his essay ‘Self-Reliance’, “Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide”. As enticing as it sounds to fit in with a voluminous group of people, being yourself can build confidence, happiness, and character. Conformity is involving a change of behavior to fit in a certain group. For example, males and females are expected to follow the precedents to fit in with society. People in society should be who they truly are and not amend to the people around them. It is unnecessary for us to fall into the confining, infallible walls of gender roles.
There is always the stereotypes that causes conformity. For example, how men are expected to liquidate a meal or how women are expected to know how ...view middle of the document...

As children, girls and boys are treated differently depending on their parents. The fathers and mothers are role models to their children. Boys are taught to be more active and more chivalry while on the other hand, girls are taught to be unfeigned, diffident and to be protected. Today, our society consists of males are more populated in the law enforcement, the military, and the leading government while females are more populated in the medical and health and childcare. Some say the quandary is by personal choice. A study showed that a child with masculinity proven to have a higher self-esteem than a child with feminine characteristics. The population conforms by finding an occupation that everyone else in their community wants to pursue and be like everyone else. These roles show the expectations of a regular society in America.
Overall, conformity affects us in a way where there are standards that need to be followed. Gender roles used to be a lot stricter and caused chaos back in the day, but now it is a more pliable situation in our country. The roles are formed based on the expectations and norms that were created by society. We are taught how to behave from observing our surroundings. And are expected to go about them for the rest of our life. We should not have to conform to fit in, being your own individual person is always important and embarking a new journey to overcome.

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