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Genetic Engineering: The Playing God Essay

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Medical Ethics Coursework
“Only God Has The Right To Interfere With Our Genes”

Genetic engineering is the process of modifying the genetic makeup of an organism, usually by insertion of one or more genes. This can alter the genes which in turn could change the characteristics, height, eye colour and so on. The use of genetic engineering can also cure many diseases. The genes may come from the same or another organism, even from an unrelated organism such as from another phylum.
Some Christians would agree with the statement “only God has the right to interfere with our genes” because they believe that God has created the genetic make-up of each human being at the moment of ...view middle of the document...

In conclusion to looking at the Christianity view to the statement above I believe that those who agree with it are correct because I believe we have been sent down by God and what we look like is only up to him as he created us and whatever disease we come with, be it cancer or bronchiectasis we should not take God’s power into our own hands, and even if we were to die with the disease at least you would have not gone against God, also creating “heaven on Earth” would be a great sin because heaven is what you get in the after life if you are good which is obligatory and if trying to make the world perfect is someone’s goal then they are obviously going against God’s will as he should be the only one to alter anything.

Many Muslims would agree with the statement “only God has the right to interfere with our genes” because as a Muslim some of us believe Allah (God) determines our genetic make-up, and interference would be forbidden, some would also agree with this statement because we are not the ones who created life and we are not the one that can alter it, some would believe that embryo research is the same as abortion and the belief about abortion is that life begins at fertilisation and abortion is destroying a life which is against Islam, so this will not allow genetic research.
The Muslims who disagree with the above statement oppose it because in the Qur’an and the Hadith it is stated that all Muslims should do all they can to cure diseases. Being created by God and discovering the genetic make-up of humans and using it to improve life is part of what God wants us to do. Christianity...

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