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Genetically Modified Food Essay

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University of the Western Cape
Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Department of Academic Development
Academic Literacy for Commerce (ALC 131)

Name and Surname : Zanele Skosana
Student number : 3525385
Degree registered for : B.Admin
Name of Assignment : Academic essay
Topic/Instruction: : Critically reflect on the article provided, and write an academic essay in which you discuss the effects of genetically modified food on South Africans and the economy
Name of lecturer : Ms Lutasha Ndesi
Name of tutor : Gaynor Godlo
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This essay will critically discuss the negative effects genetically modified foods has on South Africans and the economy. The argument will be supported by firstly, a discussion about the enhancement of genetically modified food. Secondly, it will discuss the health implications caused by modified foods. Thirdly, it will discuss the people who are most affected by genetically modified food. Fourthly, it will discuss the farming communities that are affected by genetically modified food. Fifthly, it will discuss the economic production affected by genetically modified food. Sixthly it will discuss the allocations of South Africans resources towards genetically modified food. Thereafter, it will discuss the labelling of genetically modified food. Lastly, it will discuss the environmental implications of making use of genetically modified foods.
2. Genetically modified food chemically enhanced
Genetically modified food is food that is injected with chemicals to enhance the appearance of the food. Genetically modified food is generally modified in labs and these foods are monitored by scientist. These chemicals are created by scientist in order for them to inject food to enable them to grow faster and to grow bigger than organic food. There are examples of genetically modified food, for example: vegetables, meat, fruits. According to Forman (2010, p. 7), scientist isolates and manipulates genes and they have the power to create organisms, and organisms are plants that have been modified through the science of genetic engineering. Scientist uses their technology to fabricate and influence genes to create entities that have been modified. Genetically modified food is often labelled thus ensuring that the public are fully aware that the food they eat is modified. Genetically modified can be the public’s average food that they eat and is more appealing than organic food. Thus genetically modified food is enhanced to appear good.

3. Health implications caused by modified food
Genetically modified food may cause health implications. Scientist use chemicals that the public like an average Joe knows nothing about, a person that knows nothing about the chemicals that is used to enhance food. These chemicals that are used to enhance and modify food can cause serious health implications to a person, furthermore since chemicals are used as opposed to natural resources these chemicals affect the body and causes illnesses. A person may not be aware that the chemicals that are used in modified food are the cause to becoming frequently ill. Kuiper, Harry, Gijs, Kleter, Hub, Notebom. Esther (2001, p.7) stated that genetically modified food has health implications for example the incident of DNA damage that leads to the development of cancer tumours. Consuming genetically modified food may lead to a person developing cancer tumours that can affect any part of your body. Thus any genetically food that a person might eat may lead to serious health implication.

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