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Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Genetically Modified Foods

Throughout time there have been many changes in the types of food we
eat. There have been changes in the way food is grown and produced.
Many people are unaware of what they are actually eating when they buy
vegitables at the grocery store. The new changes in the foods today,
are known as GM, genetically modified foods. Many people do not
support the growing and consuming of genetically modified foods but I

The term GM foods or GMO’s means genetically modified organisms.

They are foods that have been created for humans and animals

These GMO’s are produced by the latest molecular biology ...view middle of the document...

Pest resistance is a great advantage because it uses a natural
pesticide, without pesticides, farmers crops would be in danger from
bugs, which would make the farmer lose lots of money. With the
natural pest resistances this makes it so farmers don’t need to use
chemical pesticides, which are very harmful to the environment and to

People don’t want to eat food that has been treated with chemical
pesticides because it will be a very big hazard for the person’s
health. Run offs from pesticides and fertilizers can get into water,
which can poison a water supply.

Herbicide tolerance is effective because, plants that aren’t
engineered with herbicide tolerance require weeds to be removed, which
costs lots of money and takes up lots of time.

Disease resistance is an advantage because there are many viruses and
fungi, scientists are working to create plants that can fight against
these diseases.

Cold resistance is an effective advantage because often times on farms
there is unexpected frost which will kill some crops instantly. The
way cold resistance is applied to plants is a gene from a cold water
fish is taken and put into a crop.

Nutrition is a very important and effective modified trait in genetic
engineering because without nutrition, everyone would be unhealthy.
Malnutrition is a big problem in other third world countries. In those
countries, sometimes they only have a scarce amount of one type of
food, such as rice. The problem with that is, rice doesn’t have the
nutrients the body needs to help it grow stronger and function
properly, scientists can use genetic engineering to create a type of
rice that has the nutrients the body needs to function and grow

There are more benefits and...

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