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Genetics And Society Essay

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Genetics and Society

Natural reproduction is the concept one is most likely to think of when referring to the scientific definition of family. The emerging methods of biotechnology have shown many different perspectives in society regarding a topic in this field. One effective but controversial method include genetic engineering; the process of altering a living or nonliving organisms cell with the goal of choosing or changing specific traits for the purpose of cures and treatments or enhancement. Genetic engineering is a controversial topic in which one may believe it to be unethical/socially unfair or a benefit to the world overall. Genetic engineering is not unethical but a benefit to ...view middle of the document...

Silver states his prediction that “the gap between these two classes will become so wide that humans will diverge into separate species.”
One of the major benefits of genetic engineering is in the medical field. Gene therapy is the medical treatment of a disease where the defective genes are replaced or therapeutic genes are brought to fight the disease. Many diseases such as heart disease, Huntington’s disease and cystic fibrosis have been cured by the usage of this technique. It is also used to treat genetic disorders, cancer and helps in supplying new body parts to those in need. Another benefit besides potential curable diseases is that pregnant women who choose to have their fetuses screened for genetic defects can help to prepare themselves in advance, for a special needs child before delivery. Apart from this, researchers are constantly awaiting a future benefit of genetic engineering that will treat the fetus with a genetic defect even before it is born. Giving every child an equal opportunity in living life.
The agricultural field has evolved tremendously due to genetic engineering; from something simple as being able to grow food indoors to producing pest-resistant and drought-resistant crops. These crops reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers. It protects against insects and infected crops. It also aids in the global issue of scarce resources of food. The world population is increasing dramatically and it is becoming a challenge for farmers to keep up in the fight for growing food, to support humans’ main necessity. Reducing the amount of hazardous chemicals and using technologies to develop pest and drought-resistant plants that can grow in harsh environments without irrigation, will forever rid the difficulty of meeting the food needs of the planet. In addition, genetic...

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