Genghis Khan And The Making Of The Modern World

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Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
Jack Weatherford

Genghis Khan was a very extraordinary man. When the average person hears his name they often think he was a warlord or a shameless killer but the main thesis is to show the modern contribution he made to today’s society and warfare. He introduced many war tactics that are still used today in modern wars. Instead of a battle line, he used covert ways to get his men into city walls, so no one was alarmed until it was to late. He also collect many different weapons from other regions and created many early forms of weapons that are use today. Although he was swift, cunning and ...view middle of the document...

That Genghis Khan and everything he did still has a impact in modern day life. The Mongol Empire furthermore helped better the world after he died and many of the things they did influenced modern life.
This book is described in great detail. It states many cultural facts and customs of the regions and countries. The writing describes the process of warfare and states facts of the forming of Temujin from a unfortunate boy to a great Khan. It described all the events after his death and how he helped to unify many countries. I think the story is written with such great detail to paint a picture of the events that happened and to help the reader better understand the time period. To also help the reader understand what life was like then and how many customs are different from today.
I believe that the book is written for people who are studying the life and accomplishments of Genghis Khan. Also to learn the origin for many inventions such as gunpowder, paper and printing press, massive cargo ships and the compass. There is very detailed information on his life and everything in so it is a great informational guide to learn more about the events that have happened. Towards the end the book states many of the inventions the Mongol Empire help create or discover.
Jack Weatherford reefers to passages from The Secret History of the Mongols as references to Temujin's past and his journey. He also uses many books about Genghis Khan’s legacy and many accomplishments. I do believe these are excellent and accurate sources because The Secret History of the Mongols was written after Genghis Khan’s death so the writing would most likely be fresh and untainted. Other books about Genghis khan’s legacy were loosely base on The Secret History and other known facts of his conquests.
There are many references to political, intellectual, technological and economic aspects in the book. There are quite a few political...

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