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Genre Essay

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A major problem in the world today would be alcohol. Alcohol contributes to a number of things that can ruin a person’s life. In this essay I am going to discuss some of the problems that come with alcohol abuse.

Problems Analysis
Alcohol is a major common denominator with physical and verbal abuse to loved ones. Often when people abuse alcohol they their tempers and there is no reasoning with them, they are not thinking about the fact that the person they are hurting is their wife/husband, lose child/children or even their mother and/or father. Violence in general derives from alcohol. Most of the public disturbances among strangers are because someone has had too much too drink – hence the charge ...view middle of the document...

Another problem with alcohol abuse would be health problems. Too much alcohol abuse will kill your liver. In 2013 there were 15,990 deaths from liver disease losing assets like your home or car. I personally feel like alcohol is from abusing alcohol. In my opinion alcohol is just as bad as drugs if not worse if you consider marijuana a drug.

Plan For Solving
I believe a very large percentage of negligent alcohol abuse (especially vehicular homicide) comes from the younger population. Maybe if the drinking age limit is raised to a more responsible age a lot of fatalities will be reduced. I also feel that if the local bars were a little more strict as far as cutting people off and if liquor stores were more decisive of how much they allow one customer to purchase things may get a little better. Basically if it was a little harder to consume alcohol statistics will go down.

Alcohol is very expensive. A good bottle of liquor can range from $40 a bottle and up. Some people buy 2 and three bottles at one time and go to the liquor store at least twice a week. That’s about $160 a week/ $8,320 a year (money that can go towards a child’s college education). This can lead to another major problem like loss of assets. If a person is spending this much money on alcohol, more than likely the average person is going to end up living beyond their means which can cause them to lose their home or car. This can even ruin a marriage and cause a person to lose their family.

There are tons of red flags when it comes to alcohol abuse. The fact that there is rehabilitation for alcohol, laws in place for alcohol, and deaths because of alcohol should be a major wake up call.

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