Genre History Experimental/Electronica Essay

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Joshua Kelly 205496

Joshua Michael Kelly – 205496

AUD207 Music Production Analysis

“Genre History – Experimental/Electronic”

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Joshua Kelly 205496

Once stated by a pioneer of the genre itself, “an experimental action is one the outcome of which is not foreseen” (Experimental Music, 2010). Arising in the mid-20th century, Experimental/Electronic Music refers to an electronically produced sound recorded on tape and arranged by the composer to form a musical composition. ‘The journey of this genre ...view middle of the document...

You can hear it to be slower in tempo, atmospheric and with instrumentation. Track 2 is a Ragga-Jungle track named ‘Original Nuttah’ released by UK Apache & Shy FX. You can hear it’s in many ways a fusion of dancehall reggae and techno, the rhythm is hyper-fast and encompasses a low-end bass not dissimilar to dub. “The continuous and rapid introduction of new subgenre names into the electronic/dance music communities is equalled by no other type of music” (Kembrew McLeod, 2001). ‘An edited, but nonetheless bloated, list of names includes acid house, ambient dance, ambient drum-n-bass, big beat, break beat, dark ambient, drum-n-bass, dub, electro, garage, goatrance, goa-psychedelic trance, happy hardcore, intelligent dance music, intelligent jungle, intelligent techno, minimal techno, minimal trance, minimal psychedelic trance, nu-dark jungle, progressive house, progressive trance, progressive psychedelic trance, psychedelic trance, ragga, ragga-jungle, rave, trance, tribal, tribal beats, trip-hop, twilight, underground’ (Kembrew McLeod, 2001). Before we venture any further, first we must discuss a brief rundown on the history of the genre. ‘Recorded music such as 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll had a long history of being played at large social gatherings for the express purpose of dancing. But by the early 1970’s the kinds of popular music associated with rock had been redefined as music to be listened to rather than danced to. The transition of 1950s Rock ‘n’ roll to 1960s rock, saw it had been repositioned as a cerebral rather than physical music. With this, the scene of people dancing to records over seeing live bands faded as rock concerts became the focal point for youth culture

Joshua Kelly 205496

gatherings. It wasn’t until the early 1970s, where these scenes began to re-emerge in major American cities playing a new type of music: disco’ (Kembrew McLeod, 2001). The 1970s disco is the most appropriate place to begin the history of electronic music. The introduction of synthesizers, some of which were created by infamous pioneers of the electronic instrumentation world such as “Harold Bode, Robert Moog (and) Donald Buchla” (120 Years of Electronic Music, 2005), saw artists begin to take music to new levels. With the inclusion of these instruments, and the benefits of “sequencers and synthesizers (becoming) more affordable and easier to obtain” (All Music, 2012), ‘we saw artists begin exploring the unique possibilities of electronically generated sound. Artists experimented and pushed the boundaries to produce previously unheard textures and combinations of sounds’ (All Music, 2012). To this day we have seen the boundaries on genres being relentlessly pushed. “The synthesizer is the instrument most associated with the genre” (Kembrew McLeod, 2001). The synthesizer is an ‘electronic musical instrument, which contains various modules for producing and shaping sound, such as oscillators, filters or voltage control amplifiers and is used to...

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