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Geography's Affect On Us Government Decisions

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Geography has been a major factor in many important decisions of the United States government. Location, climate, natural resources, and physical features are some of these factors.
The Lewis and Clark expedition from 1804 to 1806 was the beginning of US expansion and therefore an important geographical decision. The construction of the Panama Canal was also major in that it would benefit the US for many years.
Manifest Destiny was a belief that the United States had a divine right to expand across North America. This superior feeling brought about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Prior to this, the United States began expanding west. Due to the Louisiana Purchase, the country doubled in ...view middle of the document...

The idea of Manifest Destiny and even white supremacy would cause the United States to try dominating all land they possibly can. The US would eventually push the Native Americans out of their homes and put them in less-than-desirable settlements. The government would take the land and give to settlers for home and farming land. When people failed or were not succeeding in the industrial east, they would travel to western lands to start a new life.
Another geographic factor was the Panama Canal. People from the United States had to travel around the entire land of South America just to reach the west coast of the US by boat. This journey was costly with both money and people- many peoples’ lives were taken by a hunger-filled and disease-prone travel. The United States decided to go into action and create a new way of quicker travel since no other option was available.
The government turned to Panama in southern Central America. It was the narrowest strip of land, so it was ideal to create a canal through it. At the time Columbia ruled Panama and the country did not allow the US to gain rights of the land required...

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