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Geography Uk Tourism Casestudy Essay

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UK – Case study
The UK is a mature tourism destination and tourist generating country.
-There has been a strong relationship between the average income in the UK and the average spending on tourism both at home and abroad.
-Tourism provides employment opportunities.
-Tourism supports an inflow of cash from abroad.
Major issues
-Negative balance of payments:
more money goes out of the country than comes in through tourism. A major reason for this is the desire by UK citizens for guaranteed sunshine abroad.
-Regional imbalance:
This occurs when so much of the foreign tourism is focused on London and a few other ‘world famous’ locations
-Pressure at honey pot locations:
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Many hotels and tourist facilities close completely in the off-season.
-The top 5 overseas markets for UK tourism were:
USA with 3438000 visits USA spending £2384 million
France with 3324000 visits Germany spending £998 million
Germany with 3294000 visits Ireland spending £895 million
Ireland with 2806000 visits France spending £796 million
Spain with 1786 visits Spain spending £697 million
In and out spending
-Spending on foreign visits reached a record £32.2 billion, a fourfold rise between 1985 and 2005 in real terms.
-According to visit Britain, total spending in 2005 was £85 billion; 80% of this was by UK residents. The importance of domestic tourist spending in the UK is sometimes overlooked.
-Spending by overseas residents:
Visits to the UK - £14.2 billion
Fares to UK carriers - £2.8 billion
-Total domestic and overseas visits increased from 3.4 million to 5.1 million.
Total tourist spending rose from £623 million to £1216 million.

Economic impact
Tourism is an important industry in the UK,...

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