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George Ruth's Life And Accomplishments Essay

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Do you think its fair that players are credited for what they do, when cheating the game? Mark McGwire excelled at the game of baseball and got credit for all of his accomplishments; yet, he cheated the game and used steroids. Babe Ruth, considered one of the greatest baseball players to play the game of baseball, who never cheated and set a great example for all who play baseball. Baseball has drastically changed over the years, especially in the cheating scandals of steroids; Babe Ruth set a great example by excelling in the sport and doing it clean, contrasting with Mark McGwire. Their existence shows how society accepted honesty and doing it the clean way in Babe’s era and how society ...view middle of the document...

” (Online Source 1) Babe had a hard time keeping his disorder in line with always being a pain in the town’s streets. Sending Babe to St. Mary’s was actually a very bright decision on Babe’s parents behalf. He learned to keep his behavior to a minimum and excelled at baseball.
In contrast, Mark McGwire grew up in a extremely athletic family. Mark was one of five sons to the parents of John and Ginger McGwire. Each one of the boys grew up to be at least six foot five, and weighed more than 210 pounds. Mark McGwire’s brother Dan McGwire would turn out to be a star quarterback at the University of Iowa, and would go onto play football for the Seattle Seahwawks, and the Miami Dolphins. Surprisingly, Mark’s father had a rough start to his life; “John McGwire suffered from polio as a child. (Polio is a disease that attacks the central nervous system.) The disease forced him to spend seven months in bed. Even after he recovered, he walked with a limp and had to wear a leg brace. Despite his disease, John McGwire learned how to play golf and box. He also rode a bicycle one time from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, California, a distance of more than three hundred miles. Despite his interest in sports, he did not neglect his studies, and became a dentist.” (Data Base 1) Knowing this, it must have been hard for the boys to grow up and have such an interest in sports, unlike their father. They did however learn from him, that hard work and determination would pay off, and they could pursue anything they wanted. Mark’s interests were not only baseball but golf. Mark actually quit baseball, and pursued the game of golf, to not only just play but to win some tournaments along the way. John (father) taught Mark how to grip the club at the age of five. Mark strived in the game, “ I won some tournaments, and in my junior year in high school I quit baseball to work on my golf game. The thing I liked about golf was that you were the only one there to blame when something went wrong. I missed baseball, though, and I went back to it. In addition to golf and baseball, McGwire also played soccer.” (Data Base 1) Doing this showed that Mark was determined at a young age that you can achieve anything you want with hard work, determination, and passion. Mark grew up with four brothers, so it was a very competitive household and Mark showed that he was going to be something special by never being satisfied and being hungry for greatness.
As a player, Babe Ruth excelled tremendously throughout his career. It was at St. Mary’s where Babe began his amazing career. He was introduced to pitching and quickly became dominate. At this time he had Major League scouts at his high school games watching babe pitch. Scouts such as “Jack Dunn was one of them, who was owner of the minor league Baltimore Orioles, and was considered by many to be a good scout for promising potential Major League players. He had heard through the grapevine about an 18-year-old by the name of George...

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