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George Washington Carver Essay

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George Washington Carver was a famous scientist. Carver did some work with agriculture. George discovered and did experiments with different plants used in farming. Carver helped make different pesticides to fight against insects that ate farmers crops. George Carver developed new ways that are still used today in farming today. Carver also found uses for different things like peanuts and other plants. He also was awarded many medals and honors during his life time.
George Washington Carver was born around 1861, probably on July 12, but nobody really knows for sure. Carver was born to Mary and Giles Carver on the Susan and Moses Carver plantation. George's mother and father were slaves ...view middle of the document...

He accepted the job, and was given the opportunity to build an agriculture building and laboratory. By 1897, the U.S. Department of Agriculture funded the small laboratory at Tuskegee Institute. At this time Carver began working on how to solve the problems the South was having with their fields. When Carver came to the Tuskegee Institute the peanut had not even been recognized as a crop. But later it became the sixth leading crop in the United States. In the South the peanut became the second most important crop, by 1940. Carver made more than three hundred different products from the peanut. George made things like wood stains, shampoo, face power, printer ink, vinegar, soap, coffee, butter, milk, and cheese. These were only a few things that he had that he made from peanuts. he also made different things from other plants. Carver produced paint pigment and talcum powder from southern clay and many other plants. George also found 118 ways to make industrial materials from sweet potatoes, like rubber. He also made five hundred dyes from various southern plants.
George Washington Carver received many medals and awards for his discoveries in science and agriculture. He received the Spingarn Medal for research (in agriculture chemistry). George received this medal from the Attorney General of Kansas, in...

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