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Geotechnical Services Essay

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Founded on the strength of its knowledge of subsurface conditions and their effect on site development, geotechnical engineering is a critical component of the geosciences practices offered at JGI. Since 1986, JGI engineers have been delivering practical solutions to our clients’ site development problems.

The JGI team prides itself on providing a comprehensive package of geotechnical services integrated with environmental capabilities for the purpose of seeing projects from design to construction in an efficient, practical, and economical manner.

Geotechnical engineering services at JGI include exploring subsurface soils, groundwater, and bedrock, ...view middle of the document...

Samples are obtained either in bulk from test pits or split-spoon and piston tubes from borings. Typical laboratory testing may include index tests such as grain size, moisture, and plasticity. Strength testing such as permeability, consolidation, and shear strength are performed on undisturbed samples. Other common soil testing includes moisture density relationship and California Bearing Ratio for assisting in pavement designs. The level of laboratory testing needed to provide practical foundation designs varies based on the project’s complexity and subsurface conditions.

Geotechnical Design. JGI engineers apply both traditional and state-of-the-art technologies for site specific conditions in order to provide our clients practical, economical solutions to their development needs. Our experience includes a variety of traditional and unusual projects such as:

*Shallow Foundations *Deep Pile Foundations
*Dewatering/Waterproofing *Foundation Drainage
*Permanent Retaining Walls *Underpinning
*Embankments/Cut-off Walls *Pavement Design
*Soil/Rock Slopes *Settlement Analyses
*Seismic Analyses *Forensic Evaluations *Excavation Support Systems * Dams

Geotechnical Services (continued)

Innovative technologies in ground improvement methods often provide economical alternative solutions to conventional excavate and replace or deep foundation options. Some of the innovative approaches that JGI has recommended and specified include various grouting methods, soil mixing, deep dynamic compaction, lightweight fill, preloading in combination with prefabricated vertical drains, vibrocompaction, stone columns, soil nailing and mechanically stabilized earth,...

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