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Geothermal Energy Powering the World
Imagine our entire world powered by environmentally friendly electricity plants for the rest of human existence. No longer would there be the fear of pollutants heating or cooling the earth. There would also be no pollutants causing cancers and other health conditions being blasted into the air we all breath each day. Is it fiction to believe that something like this could be accomplished? And if it is possible at what cost could this extraordinary and revolutionary goal be achieved? It in fact is not fiction to believe this is possible, because this technology is not only viable; it already exists and is in use in many countries. The type of electricity producing energy that could accomplish this is geothermal. Geothermal energy is produced by our planet on a ...view middle of the document...

S. could be powered by geothermal energy for the same cost as building one coal powered plant. Along with being a cheaper way of producing energy, geothermal energy does not create deadly and destructive waist products like carbon dioxide and radioactive agents that coal and nuclear plants produce. On average at our current state, automobiles and plants contribute over six billion tons of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere. Since carbon dioxide traps heat, this is a very large contributer to the heating up of our planet.
Geothermal energy can be used not only to produce power via power plants, it can also be used to heat and cool homes. Geo systems can be installed under the ground near or under a home. These systems can produce all of the power for a home without the need of any additional energy from other sources. Although the geo systems are more expensive upfront, they save a lot of money in the long run. These systems also have no dangerous by – product. In a sense, the home would be its own clean running power plant. Along with providing power to itself, other systems can be put in place so that the excess power being produced can be transferred out to other sources. Again, the maintanence that may be required over time may be expensive in the early years of this system become widespread; as it does become more used more jobs would be created to maintnence them which would drive the cost down.
Lastly, one huge pro to add to the geothermal energy list is that it is the most reliable way to produce energy that we know of. Since the planets own heat is used, there is no intermittency. A large reason that they are more reliable is that they are fundamentally simpler than other power systems, so there is much less that can go wrong. They also require no transport or purchase of fuels, and do not require waist disposal. Every single geothermal power plant that was made except for the ones destroyed by war in Italy are still in operation today. This raises the bar exponentially higher than the bars set by coal and nuclear plants.

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