Geri Case Study

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Case study #1

1. The priority teaching would be to never abruptly stop taking the medication especially without consulting your physician, but try to take it in the morning so she would not have to get up a lot during the night to empty her bladder.
2. Decreased cardiac output r/t increased vasoconstriction aeb variations in blood pressure readings
a. Monitor and measure blood pressure in both arms, using a manual technique for an accurate reading
b. Monitor response to medication to control blood pressure. Give fluid and sodium restriction as indicated
Disturbed Sleep Pattern r/t use of prescription diuretic aeb awaking various times in the middle of the night
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Some techniques to help M.P remember to take her medications include setting alarms at the time the medication is supposed to be taken, making family and friends aware of your medications schedule so they can help to remind you with a phone call or a visit, and also to take medications with breakfast or when your brushing your teeth
7. A blood pressure reading of 132-136/78-82 is an OK reading for a patient who is on an ace inhibitor, without the medication her blood pressure was at 160/102 which shows an incredible improvement in the readings.
8. Three important ways to help M.P maintin her success in managing her hypertension include to continue eating a healthy and nutritious diet, loosing the excess weight she may have, and exercise to strengthen the heart muscle, reduce stress and aids in weight loss.
9. Blood pressure medications may be different shapes and colors because the size of the pills changes depending on how much medication it contains, this is a way of preventing the mix up of pills of higher and lower doses. In addition, every drug company makes their drugs a different, shape, size or color to differentiate between other companies drugs.
10. I believe nursing is so much about really educating the patient and their families about their disease process and how to prevent further complications from happening. I feel that all nurses should take more time out to make sure the patient is an active participant in their plan of care and to make them feel more comfortable about asking questions to the health care professionals assigned to them. I also believe that nursing should be taken by a holistic approach, by treating the patient not just by their physical symptoms of a disease but also by taking into account social, family and mental factors they may be experiencing in their lives.

Case Study #2

1. C – comfort
A – airway
R – restlessness and delirium
E – emotional and spiritual support
S – self care
The purpose of this document is to address the most common symptom management needs of the dying individual.

2. Opoids are used in the care of terminally ill patients because they relieve any disress the patient may have in the last days or hours of their lives. The main goal in using opoids in terminally ill patients is all about promoting comfort.
3. To manage symptoms of dyspnea the nurse may raise the bed to a high fowlers position, practice relaxation techniques, limiting activity, administer oxygen as ordered, and teaching the patient diaphragmatic breathing and pursed-lip breathing techniques.
4. Terminal restlessness and delirium are caused by when a patient is faced with the knowledge of a terminal illness (shortened life), they mainly experience anxiety, fear, sadness, and anger. The patient complains they are not comfortable and demand to change positions, this results in involuntary muscle jerks, thrashing or agitation, or...

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