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German ExpressionismEdward Scissorhands vs. Donnie DarkoEdward Scissorhands and Donnie Darko are such good examples when talking about German Expressionism . Both films are extremely different, but using the same techniques. Both film have many similarities with the classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. In matter of the case set design, colour, camera techniques and sound are going to be the subjects. Edward Scissorhands (1990) Directed by Tim Burton. Donnie Darko (2001) Directed by Richard Kelly.In Edward Scissorhands, most of the time the story happens in a pastel colors community, but the main character (Edward) used to live in a very dark and gothic style castle that is right in the end ...view middle of the document...

All the setting design combined is an aspect of German Expressionism because there is content of shadows and silhouettes along the scene where Peg is in the castle looking for who lives there. As well as darkness, it is all over the place inside of the castle. Distortion too because there is a distortion in the castle objects. In Donnie Darko the very fist scene is a dark road with Donnie in the middle of it laying on the floor. This scene gives a feeling that something is wrong with a feeling of mystery. Donnie bedroom is not big and there is not much light on it, just a small lamp right next to him in the only source of light in the room, but give a good lightening. Some objects in his room gives away some important information, fist is a dram of an eye next of his bed, it gives a feeling of paranoia, anyone that goes into the room have this eye staring at them. Behind Donnie's bed there is a "blanket" painted in strapped line and it gives a feeling of being trapped. Another setting that seeming a lot is the private school where he studies. It a normal school, the only difference is that in the middle of the patio there is a statue of a dog (a symbol of the school). All this sets have a little of German Expressionism because there is a lot of contrast between dark and light, and shadows as well.In Edward Scissorhands the very first scene is a pan from the wall to the door of the castle than the screen gets dark than is shows the films name "Edward Scissorhands" and the name slits Edward going up and Scissorhands goes down. At 4:25 begin a scene that is an aerial shot showing the cookie cutter houses than in leads to the gothic castle at the top of the hill. This shot show the viewers the dissimilarity between the characters personality. At 5:13 there is a scene that Edward is facing the community and the window is framing the community as well by Edward shoulder, and note that we cannot see Edward's face. In this scene is used a pull back shot. At 8:21 Edward's castle in being framed by the left side mirror than a montage going back to...

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