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Remote User
A "remote user" is how a woman might refer to her husband while he is watching TV. In the computer world, however, a remote user is someone who works on a computer from a remote location. For example, if Bob leaves work and forgets to bring a file with him from his office computer, he might be able to connect to his work machine from his home computer and grab the file. When Bob accesses his office computer from home, he is considered a remote user.

Of course, Bob does not want anyone to be able to access his computer remotely. So, he would most likely need to enter a username and password in order to connect to his office machine. Programs like Timbuktu and PC Anywhere allow ...view middle of the document...

For example, you can allow the “vp” login from the CORPORATE server to execute certain local procedures and all other logins from CORPORATE to execute the procedures for which the “admin” login has permission.
In many cases, the passwords for users on the remote server must match passwords on the local server.

Problem occur in remote user in the net.
When computer systems begin to service remote users, some of the
operating procedures which produced a functioning environment for
local users may not be satisfactory for those who are off-site. It
may be that these procedures were already inadequate, but the local
community developed a set of informal procedures to augment the
formal ones. It may also be true that the established formal
procedures were completely satisfactory for local users, but failed
when an attempt was made to extend them to the remote user. In either
case, this paper asserts that a problem exists and offers a set of
suggestions for its amelioration.
Setting up Remote Desktop Access on the Host Computer (Windows XP)
What you need to know
Throughout these instructions we will refer to two computers, the host system which is the computer on the Texas State network that you are trying to access, and the remote system which is any computer on or off the Texas State network that you are using to access your computer on the Texas State network. In other words, the remote system accesses the host system.
If you are a notebook (laptop) user who takes his/her computer off-campus and need access to the Texas State University network, please contact the IT Assistance Center (ITAC) for alternative access methods.

User interface
In modern web interface design, no other principle has been heralded and pushed onto us as much as the concept of user-centered design. User-centered design tells us that we should do everything we can to make our user interfaces as easy to use and as intuitive as possible.
However, a big part of designing user interfaces that are easy to use also involves figuring out what things should be a bit more difficult to to use. It’s a counter-intuitive notion that’s central to effective user interface design.
Why Make Certain User Interface Items Difficult to Use?
I can think of 3 main reasons for making an interface element more burdensome to utilize:
1. When using the interface element is costly to the user if used by accident
2. When there’s an overall improvement to the UI as a whole
3. When the cost of maintaining a feature is costly to the provider if used frequently
High Cost of an Error in Usage
When you accidentally delete a file or click on a button that you didn’t mean to, there’s going to be a cost. For example, recovering a deleted file in a traditional operating system such as Windows costs time. To get your deleted file back, you need to:
1. Minimize your current application so that you can see your desktop
2. Click on the Recycling Bin icon
3. Locate the deleted document in...

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