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Getting Along With Teachers Essay

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You are the secretary of New Hope Secondary School. Miss Wong, a new English teacher, is frustrated about her class. Most students seem to be unwilling to learn , also she finds it hard to get along with them. The Principal is very concerned about it. Instead of blaming students directly, he has asked you to write an article addressing this issue. You need to explain to students at least THREE benefits of having better relationships with their teachers.

Having a hard time with teachers? Act now!

Do any of you have a hard time at school because of your teachers? I bet some of you do. You may think the teacher assigns too much homework and gives too many quizzes. You may not feel great ...view middle of the document...

If you have a good relationship with them, they can be the ones you can rely on whenever you encounter non-academic problems, such as school bullying. Teachers are older than you and they are more educated. They have acquired valuable work experience from society. More importantly, for students who have working parents, it is easier to find teachers for help because they can be reached more easily. Thus, it is sensible to ask teachers for their advice.

If you build up a good relationship with your teacher, other students will gradually notice it. What will they think when they see that you are having a good relationship with your teacher and getting better school results? It is highly likely that your behavior will set a good example for them to follow. In addition, your ability to get along with a teacher will certainly give you credit. Other students may consider you capable not only academically but socially.

There are three practical ways for students to get along with their teachers. Paying attention in class is the...

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