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The American Civil War plays an important part in our history. Specifically, the Gettysburg battle and Lincoln’s Gettysburg address that followed. The image chosen was one that illustrates President Lincolns address to the American citizens, and revealing the sorrow amongst them.
“Four score and seven years ago…” are the famous words spoken by President Abraham Lincoln during the Gettysburg Address of the American Civil War. During the battle of Gettysburg there were what seemed to be at the time, infinite losses of our soldiers and all of those who fought. People were in a state of despair with the vast amount of fallen dead American soldiers lying around with no graves. There were few ...view middle of the document...

It gave them remembrance to as why thousands of their loved ones died on the battlefield.
There are several interesting things about this image from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. One in particular that I found fascinating was the very detail on each person’s face. Each person’s face releases their emotional and physical tie to President Lincoln’s address. For instance, there are many men and women who are looking up at him with a sense of hope. They were waiting for his reassurance, and granted he gave it to them in his speech. Another thing that is thought-provoking about this image is the people who sit behind President Lincoln. These men appear to be of important personal, but their facial expressions are different than those of the people who stand below Lincoln. The people who sit behind him give the impression anger, and stress through their faces. They appear to be leaders also. Not to mention his stance presents him to be confident, and ready for action. A picture can be a thousand words, and interpreted differently through various perspectives of each person.
The American Civil Wars Gettysburg battle, to me, discloses the sense of unity among people. It shows what we as a country...

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