Ghana Culture And People Essay

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Part Ⅰ


Personal Introduction
Abraham Ablorh Mensah
 40yrs (born 1975), Ghana, Tema  Married, 2 daughters  KAIST MBA 1 current financial year (Ghana, South Korea Sponsored)
 2004 - Valley View University / BBA / Accounting  2013 – KNUST (Ghana) / Masters Financial Management  Post-Graduate Training / The Netherlands, UK and Ghana  Ghana Ministry of Finance 2005 - 2006 / Procurement policy Coordinator  Ghana Ministry of Finance from 2006 to 2009 / Finance Officer  2009 - Present Senior Officer of Ghana Ministry of Finance Public Procurement Public Sector, Planning and evaluation of public authorities ...view middle of the document...

Political System
Ghana’s political system has been peaceful and stable economy

Independence from Britain 1957 1960 1970 1980

Election 1990 2000 2010 2014

4 Coups in 20yrs

20yrs of peace


4. Educational System
FCUBE – Free compulsory universal basic education for all
Age 3~5 6~11 12~14 15~17 18~21 School  Pre-School  Basic/Primary School equivalent to Elementary School  Junior High School equivalent to Middle School  Senior High School equivalent to High School  Tertiary Education/Institution equivalent to College/ University
Have Cert, 39%

High sch / Tertiary, 14%

Never Attend Sch, 30%

Start but no Cert, 17%


5. Ethnic group and Language
Different language! One People!


 Akan people, Largest tribe  Language is Twi, widely spoken by many  Southeastern part of Ghana / Part of Togo&Benin  Language is Ewe  Akan people, south western costal region  Language Fante  Ga-Adangbe, 8% of Ghana’s population  Coastal region of Greater Accra (Accra, Tema, etc)  Large in the northern region of Ghana  Language Dagomba and Hausa






6. Ethnic Name
Day born Names

DAY Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesady Thursday Friday Saturday

MALE Kwesi Kojo Kobina Kwaku Yaw Kofi Kwame

FEMALE Akosua Adjoa Abena Akua Yaa Afua Ama

* Apart from day names, we also have birth number names


7. Religions
Diversity in worship




 71.2% Protestants, Charismatic and Pentecostal

 17.6% Mainly located in the northern Ghana

 5.2% Disperse throughout Ghana

* 6% other religions of western and eastern descents, Judasim, Hunduism and Buddhism


8. Gestures & Greetings
The left hand a taboo / The West African handshake
Right hand West African

 Use of Right Hand  Greet  Receive or give items

 The West African handshake  Middle finger snaps the middle fin  The louder the snap, the better


9. Prominent Ghanaians
They will always be remembered

 First President of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah  Major Industrial include: Tema Habour, Akosombo Dam, State owned companies, Tema Motorway

 Immediate past UN Secretary General Dr. Kofi Annan (1997 – 2006)  United Nations and Arab League Envoy


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