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Ghost Of A City Essay

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Ghost of a city - responseThe text type titled Ghost of a city describes a theme of emptiness which is also evident in the painting. Sarnath Banerjee started her commentary by describing the setting of the painting, with the descriptions she used words like "frequent traveler" and "photo shopped sky" from this we can identify that the author was trying to place the setting during the modern times. The first thing that caught my eye as I look at the painting is the three different men ...view middle of the document...

However the third crippled man standing in the background seems to blend into the city, moving around getting unnoticed. It is an interesting mix to see how in the same setting there is so much going on, yet it seems so empty. The dull colors evident in the painting also gives this piece an overall blue tone, this shows the viewer's how a lively city such as London really actually is a sad and gloomy place. A lesson that could be interpreted from this piece is how as humans who live in the fast paced modern world today, we tend to live out our own lives in solitude without minding all the other things that are happening around us. Our style of living has changed the warm human connections that used to connect all of us, and now walking into a room full of people can still feel as cold and lonely as everyone is minding their own business without caring about each other. Overall the painting gives a message that the city has been forgotten, it's now empty and has lost its life because although people are constantly travelling in and out of the city the connection is lost and no matter how many things are going on within the city in the end of the day the warmth is gone and has left the city forgotten.

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