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Objectives of workplace as a learning environment have been the subject of research all over the world. In Malaysia, it has burgeoned throughout numerous fields of professional practice and education especially in health settings. However even with high formal education and training people received, they’re not ready for a position of responsibilities unless they have the capabilities to learn from the experienced. This is known as reflective practice. Reflective practice is taking critical attention to the practical and theory values which involved in routines by examining practice contemplatively and reflexively which leads to development understanding (Bolton, 2010). One of the famous ...view middle of the document...

Hence they will learn and do a lot of practice more intensely. However my argument with this method was the learner will not perform as adult learners as they’ve been controlled with agreement which has been achieved with mentors. According to Knowles et al (1998) in adult learner framework, learners will have to do a lot of exercises in self-direction learning. However Gopee (2011) stated that even though the learners have been controlled by contract, it’s still a medium for the learners to have their own learning style and process. As an outcome I do believed that learning contract is a good tool for the learner to achieve variety of knowledge, skills and experienced within the placement area.
Second area to improve is to develop induction and orientation training. Induction can be described as a process to help integrate a new staff into their new role and the practice as a whole whereas orientation is a process of introducing them with the organisation. Although it has never been develop in my area before, I feel that either induction or orientation is more than just introducing them to a new surrounding and their responsibilities. It’s also to develop an initial set of learning needs which can cause a developing of self-learning for them. As been stated by Donaghy (2008) the biggest aim of trainee induction and orientation is to promote a learning environment and encourage learning.
Evaluating induction and orientation, I found that it’s important for a new staffs to identify their own learning needs which can be achieved in the placement area. Based on the checklist provided in their first day of enrolment, it provides them with knowledge on the organization’s structure and on how they can use different available resources in empowered their performance. In gaining this knowledge they’re able to develop a quality of clinical experienced and reasonable expectations on their new role. It’s also been stated by Henderson et al. (2006), a quality of health workers education largely depends on the quality of the experienced they got in the clinical environment. As a result it will give a positive transition support...

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