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Gideon In "No Witchcraft For Sale"

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Gideon Short stories are truly fascinating because they allow an audience to experience adventures through the characters. Authors often include interesting characters into their stories to capture the reader's attention. Doris Lessing includes such a character in her short story "No Witchcraft for Sale". Gideon is the protagonist of the story and plays role of a cook and a good friend of the Farquar family. Through his actions Gideon shows his loyalty, heroism and trustworthiness. First of all, Gideon shows his loyalty to the family of Farquars. Gideon was family's cook and their good friend. "He had been with her now for several years; he was one of the few natives who had his wife and children in the compound and never wanted to go home to his kraal, which was some hundreds of miles away"(Lessing 150). He was devoted to his employers for a long ...view middle of the document...

He came crying to his mother who was in the house. "It was no more than a few minutes before she saw Gideon come bounding back, and in his hand he held a plant"(Lessing 151). Gideon knew he had to act quickly in order to save Teddy's eyes so he ran into the bushes to find a plant that would heal Teddy's eyes. Then, he put the leaves of the plant on Teddy's eyes. After several minutes, "He finally lifted Teddy gently into his mother's arms, and said 'His eyes will get better'"(Lessing 152). Gideon was sure of his recipe and knew it will work because it worked for generations in his family. He becomes Farquars' hero by saving their only child that they had been waiting for many years. Their gratitude for him is indescribable. Third and most of all, Gideon demonstrates trustworthiness when not revealing the recipe that cured Teddy's eyes. After his heroic feat the scientists wanted to find out what plant he used to heal Teddy's eyes. "There was silence after this further explanation and then Gideon remarked indifferently that he could not remember the root"(Lessing 154). He promised to his family to keep the recipe secret so he pretended that he forgot the root in order to protect the recipe. They kept asking him for recipe over and over, "But it was at that moment that they all realized he would never give in"(Lessing 154). Gideon stayed strong-minded and did not tell the secret. He proved that he was trustworthy by refusing to reveal the secret recipe that was passed from generation to generation in his family. In "No Witchcraft for Sale" written by Doris Lessing, Gideon exhibits allegiance, boldness and reliability. He was allegiant to Farquar family by being obedient and staying with them for several years. Boldness was something he exposed by saving Teddy's eyes. Also he was reliable when he didn't reveal the recipe that was kept secret in his family for many generations. All of those qualities prove the strength of his character. He is a good role model that anyone can follow.

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