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Gideon's Request For An Attorney Essay

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Gideon’s Trumpet
Kimberley L. McJunkins
Kaplan University Online
September 2009
The first judge Robert L. McCrary, Jr. was the one who denied Gideon’s request for an attorney. Even though the judge was fair and helpful to Gideon, he didn’t want the same judge; because he felthe couldn’t get a fair trial with the same judge. However, Judge McCrary remained the same judge.
Gideon had no witnesses at the trial. He was his own witness. He was much unprepared.
State of Florida witnesses was the cab driver, and the owner of the poolroom and Mr. Cook.
Due to lack of witnesses and lack of legal knowledge Gideon lost his case and was sentenced to five years in ...view middle of the document...

The attorney for the state of Florida was Bruce Jacob. He had never been inside the Supreme Court and was working hard, day and night to prepare his case. He also believed that he should contact other states to warn them of Gideon because the riling would impact criminal courts in all states. However, he soon discovers that the majority of states want the Gideon case approved.
Mr. Turner was the best thing that could ever happen to Gideon. He interview Mr. Cook and had even represented Mr. Cook on another case, which was Mr. Cook’s divorce. He picks on Mr. Cook and tears him apart in his testimony. This helps to win the case.
Nearly 2,000 people were freed in Florida alone, not to mention other states, because of this change that Clarence Gideon had sought not only for himself but for others.
Landmark of Gideon v. Wainwright
There were several cases that involved in the issue of Gideon v. Wainwright. The first one:
Powell v. Alabama 1932 where a fight broke out between two groups of youths, one group white, the other black, when the train arrived at the next station the nine black youths were arrested and accused of raping two white women who were on the train. The judge had appointed all the members of the bar to represent the defendants, but the attorneys didn’t even show up, till after the trial. All nine men were convicted and sentenced to death. They appealed and the case eventually reached the Supreme Court of the...

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