Gift Of A Thousand Worlds Part 9

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For the next few days, Lance toiled away working on his shed and making it a little more livable. A few times he had to go into town where he could find what he needed in the strangest places. Once he found a perfect size nail that he needed in his shoe. Then he soon got bored and decided to go into town. Lance was lured to where Elaine said she lived by some mystical force. He tapped on the door and a nun opened it. Noticing how skinny Lance was she offered him some food but he rejected it and asked ...view middle of the document...

And at that moment, he realized that this was the very cathedral that he died in front of so many years ago and that old lady was the very Sister Catherine that had said those words. "Oh, hi Lance" Elaine said and she turned and said softly "look Sister Catherine, it's Lance I told you about him". "The very one that died in front of this cathedral?" said a weak voice that Lance could hardly believe came from the same person who's voice could ring through the whole cathedral. Elaine gasped "Sister, that Lance is dead and in heaven." If only she knew Lance thought. Then the weak voice said, "no, I told them that god shall save those with the purest of souls. Those very words and Lance had a kind of imaginary glowing light around him. I know he was reborn to serve a purpose much like Jesus." Lance, taken back by how much the sickly old lady knew, had a slight surprised look. Elaine, mistaking it for a disgusted look shook her head ever so slightly to show that she didn't want him to be angry with Sister Catherine. After a few more minutes of watching Elaine take care of Sister Catherine, Lance left to go back to his shed.

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