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Girl Who Cried Tiger Essay

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Deep in the jungle lived a timid tiger. The tiger was a great chef and loved his food cooked. He made all his meals every night and enjoyed the pleasure that his cooking brought him. The tiger hated going out to eat and pretty much never left his home, only to get the ingredients for his upcoming lunches. Late one afternoon as the tiger was enjoying a meal he had just made; a loud noise erupted out of nowhere. It was a siren and what seemed to be a girl screaming “TIGER… TIGER!” The noise was so loud that it had caused the tiger to leap off his seat knocking is his lunch over onto the floor.
“What the heck!” growled the tiger as he quickly picked up the remains of his lunch off of the ...view middle of the document...

“TIGER… TIGER… COME QUICK, the farm girl yelled.
The tiger leaped out off his chair in fear.
“Again?” said the tiger as the soup began spilling on him. “Ow!” The soup had burned the tiger and he had begun to get enraged.
“Ruining my meal again! That stupid kid, one of these days she’ll pay.”
Meanwhile, the girl stood at her post laughing once again at her whole family as they came rushing to save the goats from the tiger.
“Where’s the tiger,” the father asked as the girl still laughed.
“There is none idiots!” the girl said still laughing.
The whole family gave the girl a mean look.
“You're the idiot,” the brother says as the family turns around and heads back down to the hillside.
    Later that evening the tiger went up to his room and laid in his bed famished. He then thought to himself before dozing off to sleep, “I’m going to make sure I have myself an excellent feast tomorrow no matter what.
    The tiger awoke the next morning hungrier then he has ever been in his life. His stomach growled so loud that it shook his whole house slightly. The tiger went into the jungle to collect various...

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