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. Actually my topic is give love and get love. First I would like to give an introduction about love, a feeling that is felt by people who don’t like to fight or harass other people for the reason, themselves. It is not felt by people who are selfish. It is not felt by people who are egoistic. It is a beautiful feeling if we know the meaning. It is not that love has only one meaning, the relationship between a girl and a boy who are the best friends (. It also means that we like another person like a daughter/son likes his/her mother/father. It is the feeling that tells us about the sacrifices and hardships of the person towards another person. It is not only between ...view middle of the document...

It is never rewarded or never appreciated. In fact hatred is now a marking of a dumb person. If he/she hates someone he/she is known as a dumb person. Actually I don’t mean that we don’t hate anyone only.
Hating is a humanly rule. But too much hating such as not talking with the person, beating him unnecessarily, and finding a moment to put all the blame on him is a sin.

The only reason for not a World War 3 is that all know that the present weapons and armors will not give peace to any one. It is the only cause of the death of people. Therefore, it is necessary that peace is maintained in every country. This benefits us also and the people that beg for life during wars. No religion says that we should hate people or fight with them. Even some religious heads spread their religion through love. For ex. Prophet Mohammed who spread Islam. He spread Islam on the basis of love. Many government rights also have some reason in them. For ex. Many laws are made to spread love between the people of the same nation. There should be no discrimination on...

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