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“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams

1. The symbolism between the glass and Laura are related because they are both fragile and transparent. Laura has social anxiety and had or does have braces on her legs. Laura lives the life of illusion that her mother feed into, as opposed to the reality that she is becoming an unmarried woman with no possible suitors attempting to date her. She is a product of her mother’s fantasy of the suitable man waiting to call on her. She is relatable to the glass because she is emotionally like glass as well as her menagerie can. In the beginning of the story, the unicorn represents Laura, like her, it is delicate and fragile but once Jim O’ Conner ...view middle of the document...

He broke Laura’s heart when he told her this and accidentally bumped the table that held the menagerie and this is when her unicorn fell and broke off.

4. Every family has conflict even though Amanda, the mom causes both her kids a great deal of anxiety. I think she means well and she is doing the best with what she has to offer them. She is obviously from a different generation and therefore bestows her old beliefs onto her kids, I do sympathize with Amanda.
I think that neither of her children are wrong in there response to there mother. Tom is a grown man and does not want the responsibility of taking care of his mother and sister. It is an issue more of maturity the wronged feelings. Being a single young man he has dream and wants to travel and write but because his father ran off he’s been burdened with the responsibility of taking care of his mother and sister. After he does gets away from them by following in his fathers footsteps and running off to join the merchant marines, time goes by and maturity has set in and his guilt for leaving his sister haunt him. Laura is doing the best with what she has. She is unable to live a lucrative life because of her severe social anxiety disorder and because she got the disorder, she will never be able to go to work and take care of herself and she will never find a suitable man to take care of her. This leaves the live her life out with her mother. She has no real avenue of escape from her.
5. The glass menagerie shows contrast between fantasy and reality because...

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