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1. Introduction 3
2. Intrapersonal effectiveness 3
2.1 Jackson’s hybrid model of personality and learning 3
2.2 Analysis and reflection of results 4
2.3 Goal setting 5
3. Conclusion 6
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Table 1. Learning Styles Profiler results 4

1. Introduction
According to Singh (2013, p.1289), the success of one person has no more than 25 per cent contribution of IQ (personal general intelligence); the rest depends on intrapersonal competencies and how they influence job satisfaction. Moreover, employees expect their leaders to be confident in their role, optimise to face the future, always ...view middle of the document...

76). High sensation seekers tend to participate in risky behaviors and show greater positive emotion, while low sensation seekers are more likely to engage in the safe learning environment, avoid new situations and usually have negative emotions (Lee & Shin, 2011, p.84). In addition, Jackson’s LSP has other four main competencies which can be listed of conscientious achiever, deep learning achiever, goal-oriented achiever, and emotionally intelligent achiever. These personality traits play a vital role in the success of my studying and working.
2.2 Analysis and reflection of results

Dimension My score
Sensation seeker 61%
Goal Oriented Achiever 43%
Emotionally Intelligent Achiever 33%
Conscientious Achiever 74%
Deep Learning Achiever 69%
Table 1. Learning Styles Profiler results
Candidate report of LSP indicates that I get low scores of both goal oriented and emotionally intelligent achiever, while the rest skills get higher marks with more than 60 per cent. Overall, as recommendation of the result, I have a moderate preference for being a sensation seeker, enthusiastic about new learning activities, interested in setting goals and developing self-confidence to achieve these goals. However, I am average at logically and independently understanding the basic problem, avoid activities that lead to mistakes. Dimitriades defined that emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to recognize accurately, appraise and express motion; the ability to understand emotional knowledge and regulate emotion to disseminate emotional and intellectual growth (2007, p.224). As Gallozzi (2012, p.12) notes, people who are often uncomfortable with change and sudden uncontrollable in the face of unexpected circumstances has low emotional intelligence. Additionally, Morris (1999) claimed that these with low EI could not be aware of themselves and their feelings; they also could not wait for long-term goal and go to enjoy short-term satisfactions (p.8). On the other hand, conscientiousness refers to individual differences in impulse control, conformity, organization and determination. People who have high conscientiousness are dependable, reliable, responsible, desire and work hard to achieve goals (George & Zhou, 2001, p.515).
Based on my own experience, this result is quite consistent, I always enjoy and am interested in new attractive things but I am easy to get bored in long-term activities. I also consider and check all options and available facts before making my final decisions. However, I could not control my own emotion when I face the unpredictable things or am in an urgent situation. Uncontrolled emotion sometimes impacts my mental health leaving me vulnerable to be stress, anxiety and depression. This leads me be overwhelmed and no longer desire to complete assignments and projects. Douglas, Frink and Ferris (2004, p.6) quoted that if people have high EI, they will have positive scores in the relationship between conscientiousness and...

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